yoyo team

I have started yoyoing about what 2-3 months ago. i have improved so much since then. i have started a small yoyo team. Any tips for this yoyo team captain. Any and all will help

Just have fun. Make sure to keep your team intact and include everybody.

Don’t try to make it officail like. Just let everone have fun. It doesn’t usually work to say “first we do this, then we de this ect. ect.” Have a set idea of what your going to do. But Make it flexible. If you know more than the other people, teach them new tricks, and just have some fun.

Just enjoy it and practice on your tricks.

wow thanks so far. well i was reading this other form and it said how “ppl think were performing when were actually just practicing or screwing around”. thts pretty much what we do. like do you guys ever get those A-Holes who think their better than yoyoing when they watch u and you do some insane trick, and the best they can do is bring up a yoyo!!!. god i hate them. well like i’m pretty happy cuz next school year i am attempting to official my team/club with my school. i will follow ur tips and advices so keep them coming ^^