$60 shipped Phenom! Today only! also mint Majesty

So, the house fund is still short, so more of my collection is going up for sale! I might have more later, but for now this is what is available. Pictures aren’t my usual standard, but the light wasn’t cooperating with today, especially on the Phenom. Ask if you really need more.
Paypal only, add $5 for shipping

Only Trades I’m interested in is a purple/green Wrath, an Aman KLR, and an Anglam.

Lime Stew Majesty
Mint with box. Great tumbled Majesty. Hardly played.

B.A. Entheos with Wooden Box made by Ernie’s Dad
WILL NOT SEPERATE THE YOYO AND BOX it was made specifically for it
Hurts me to sell this because these wooden boxes are SO hard to come by. Handmade by Ernie’s dad in his woodshop. engraved on the bottom. Yoyo is black/blue B.A. Entheos. mint condition.

75$60 shipped today only!
Purple with gold rims weights and mirror caps with Rainbow Phenom lettering. Great player, really fun throws. has a few scrapes and marks on rims. caps are in pretty good shape. Just not really my style or I would keep it. really hard to get pics of the damage because of the mirror caps. Its really not that bad, but it is there.

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Bump! Lots of interested parties, nothing solid just yet.

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