SALE! Phenom $60 Code 2 $60 LF: SLEIPNIR, WILL OFFER HUGE!!!!!!!

Alright, I got a few throws I’m looking to trade or sell.

-Anglam CC**
-Turning Point*
-Anything fast, V shaped*

Other offers welcome but I probably will deny.

Ok, so here’s what I got:

SPECIAL SALE! $60 each or $100 for both!

It’s got a few dings and scuffs around the rims. Polished. I have one cap but it’s a little loose and has a hole in it. Smooth. $80 $60 shipped.

Code 2
A few dings and scratches around the rims. Very smooth, still plays like new. Pictured with Dietz SEs but will come with raw Spikes. $60 shipped.

Both for $130 $100 SHIPPED

I also have blue protostar that’s not pictured that I will throw in for $10 more. It’s cracked but is smooth and still plays like new. I have a dm2 too… blue with gold rims, mint, I’ll throw in for $20 more.

All 4 for $155 $130 SHIPPED.

All throws ship with 8 ball bearing, will take off $3 if I ship with no bearing. Add $5 if you want it shipped with a center trac. Add $10 if you want it shipped with 10 ball KK.

Does nobody have a Sleipnir? :-\