60 second combo

Took me a few times to nail this one, what do you guys think?

Yoyo is Irony JP


wow you are very speedy!! nice video

Perfect speed! And I love your style!!!

What do I think?

Too good.

the slack at around 27 seconds was very cool, very cool

And here I am still trying to get a Spirit Bomb. :wink:

That was REALLY good! 60 seconds doesn’t sound like long until you watch it and realize how impressive a minute-long combo is.

Also enjoyed the “Boom, I’m tough… nah, just kidding, I’mma bust a laugh” moment at the end. :wink:

Thanks guys! I appreciate the comments.

…And yes, this took me like 10 minutes to hit just right so I was pleased at the end!

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Thats really nice! :slight_smile:

Andrew is too legit to quit.

Baddest dude this side of the Mississippi.