how long are your combos normally?


Hey guys, I was wondering how long peoples combos/tricks are, how long are yours? 30 sec, 45 sec, a minute, my combo is about 45 seconds, yes, I only have one :slight_smile: I know a lot of tricks, but font incorporate them into combos…


10-30 seconds…


Like 10-20 seconds. Lol, it doesn’t matter the length, because even in a short combo, you could have great material.


Ten seconds usually. I can’t make longer combos :stuck_out_tongue:




Not very long, about 10-15 secs.


typically 30 seconds-ish, but always remember- quality over quantity


Now I feel hood for having a 40 sec combo :slight_smile: but I put together 2… And I just learned a cool easy trick on YouTube soooo, yah… How do those pros come up with those 2 min combos!!!


Part of me thinks you meant to put “good”, but another part of me really hopes you posted “hood” on purpose. ;D


My first one is 26 seconds. I recorded it a few times for my 6 month video and each take from breakaway to suicide bind was 26 seconds:P My other combos are about 10-15 seconds long.


I usually just do matrix into buddhas revenge into matrix into buddhas over and over.

(Alex Fairhurst) #12

Between 20 and 30 seconds. If I’m competing I will throw 2 different combos together and shoot for 40-50 seconds per trick.


Lol, good* :wink:


20 sex


I’d say between 15 to 25 seconds depending on how my day is going…:slight_smile:



:stuck_out_tongue: :o ::slight_smile:


30-40 sec.


I’ve only ever made 2 proper combos, and they both came in at around 25 seconds.


10-30 depends what combo I’m using :grin: