How long should my throw be?


I just wanna see if my sidestyle throw is up to standard :stuck_out_tongue: I am currently working on the advance section of the YYE learn page and I want to know from those currently finished with that and creating your own combos already…

How long do your average combos last?

I can use that as a base point to try and match that sleep time haha

I can currently get only up to 30 seconds-ish when I try combo the tricks I already know (sidestyle)


If you watch the competition freestyles, most of those combos don’t really go for much longer than about 30 seconds either. That said, they manage to cram in a lot of tricks thanks to the obscene speed most of those guys play with.



Sweet! :smiley: I guess I’ll just keep working on getting my tricks down then.

Thanks Yuki!


30 seconds is fine, especially if the trick is really technical and has a lot of string touches and stuff like that.


I agree 30 seconds while doing tricks, longer if just throwing a sleeper because string isnt slowing the spin as much