$60 package deal. Shipped! A Yuuksta, 04 Nats FHZ, +2 more FHZ's!

Per forum rules please only bump your BST once per day.



Hey guys!
Decided to downsize.

Please read rules.
A few rules:
If you are buying it Paypal only.
I will take offers, nothing crazy. I am willing to work with you to get these gone!

Here they are:

Prices if not buying the package deal:

04 Nats FHZ-$25+shipping
sparkle FHZ w/ 80th anniversary caps-$19+shipping
older red/white FHZ-$17+shipping

I also have a Duncan case.- $20? $15 + Whatever shipping costs are.
Stickered to death by my 5 year old sister. Other than that its a great case!

Jeff Knox

sunday bump.

Catalyst and minute. Gone!

Bump. Happy Monday guys!

Updated with rules, prices, and stuff that’s gone!

A few things gone. Only a few FHZ’s left and a yuuksta

Tuesssdddaaayyyy bump.

Need this gone tonight! First person to put $45 + $5 shipping in my paypal takes it. Can ship tomorrow!

Wednesday bump…decided to keep a good low price package deal on what is left.

Still have all 4! Willing to work with you guys! Offer!

what do u have left cause im looking for a deal bro