6 Months of Yoyoing!


This is my first post here but i just wanted to share with you guys. I finally got Gentry Stein’s speed combo down! Yoyo used is the Sengoku Kenshin


Is that what 6 months is supposed to look like?
Oh man, I’m doing something wrong.


I’m in the same boat you are. we are paddling to slow. need to practice harder if we hope to get better. And I been yoyoing for a year now. and Im no where near this good.


No need to worry, I find that slower players tend to find more control over the yoyo and have cleaner string movements. The big names is yoyoing also learned at slower paces so I would not be too worried.


Oh good. By that measure (slower = better) I’m on track to be the best thrower mankind has ever known… :smiley:


Wow, that’s incredible. And as other newbies have said, I feel like my 14 months or so of practice hasn’t gotten me nearly far enough.

But as far as the video goes, that’s really good. You don’t just have the moves down, you have it smooth and flowing from move to move. That’s really well done.


That’s dedication. Great job!

(major_seventh) #8

You have your whole life to yoyo.


Haha. I’ve spent most of this year just throwing to the different mounts trying to make them automatic and effortless. My tricks may be boring to most but for me they’re more like a meditation now :sunglasses: