How come?

I have seen many yoyo people who have been yoyoing for, 9, 11 months, and are really really good, and there are some who have been yoyoing for 2, 2.5 years and aren’t as good. Why is that? I just thought it was interesting.

People simply move at t heir own pace

I know theres a kid whos been yoyoing for have aslong as me and hes twice as good

some people just catch on alot quicker than others

Well, if you get too good at yo-yoing too fast, you’re doomed to then get bad at yo-yoing again before you can get really, really good, to win contests and stuff.

This is why some of the best yo-yo players get very good at yo-yoing in a short length of time, but then often leave the community on a self imposed hiatus. However good you might be after 6 months, you’re going to lose your touch around the 2 year mark no matter what, so it’s the decision of many to leave for a while and to come back once their skills peak again.

Yo-yoing is a sport greatly concerned with ups and downs, not to mention hard throws before eventually coming back.

I think it’s a mixture of natural dexterity and practice time.

Someone that practices for 5 hours a day for a year has just as much time put in as someone who practices 1 hour a day for 5 years. Practice makes a huge difference.

Then of course you do have those that just pick things up quickly by nature.

Its a matter of time

How much time people have usually depends on their skill level

Pace, knowledge, practice, time spent towards it, people who influence you. There are many factors that affect the approach to this hobby.

Some people aren’t teenagers, they’re adults whose time has value.

Some people also just inherently have better hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity (though this can also be a matter of age for the super old folks =P)

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Some people just learn faster than others. I play 2-3 hours a day regularly and have been going strong for a tear, yet, some people with half of my experience are better than me, good example is hipposlovescereal from our forum. The tricks he was doing at 6 months is better than I am now.

I’m going to go buy some clubs(uh-oh, maybe a kendama) and put my yoyos in a drawer for a while. Should’ve happened a while ago, big slump the last couple years. Lots and lots of the same thing over and over. Stuck.
Ill keep a Kickside or something out to get more comfortable playing with my right hand, come back and get in on some 2/3A.

I think it’s somewhat influenced by who you have around you. If you have someone nearby to teach you the tricks you learn faster

My pace is slow. 2.5 years, can’t do spirit bomb yet. A few other tricks I can’t do either below that level. I say that I suck. Some people who have seen me throw may disagree, but I stand by my position of “borderline between pathetic and incompetent”.

I don’t care. I’m also a late starter and this is NOT coming easily to me. I gotta fight for every little bit of progress. I probably have zero natural ability here, it’s all through sheer will power and drive.

Some people just naturally take to this better than others.

Don’t judge yourself against others. Track your own progress and enjoyment. If you have the enjoyment, the rest doesn’t matter.

this thread made me think…

how much does Harrison lee practice? I mean he has only been yo-yoing for like, 2-3 years. ( same as me :smiley: )

The one thing i notice is that the people who blaze by have really nice combos, but there are not really flowy, whereas the people who take it kinda slow ( I think i am like this) have some solid tricks that flows nicely.

And it also depends on how much they practice and what they are practicing because all of us have the exact same potential to do these tricks, but for some of us it may not be our focus. For me free time= yoyo time, but im having to take a short break because one of a calluses is cracking :frowning:

I know right, I have been yoyoing for the same amount of time as well, and he’s like, 9000 times better than me!

It is important to note between practice time and leisure time as well. My leisure time spent yoyoing can vary from 1 to 3 hours a day. Leisure time helps me decompress while practicing (trying to learn a new trick) is not as relaxing to me.

No, say I focused more of my leisure time into practice time… I could pound out a couple of tricks in an hour or two, so really, I could be a lot better if I would practice more. It’s been 1.25 years for me, and I can’t do some of the tricks on here, but I’ve found tricks that actually interest me and I enjoy elsewhere (primarily 365yoyo).

I progress at my own pace. I see yoyo as something fun to do. Sometimes I feel like learning, other times I just feel like messing around. I don’t see it as: “I gotta practice so I can be the best yoyo-er out there”. Some people might take this approach but if a person is satisfied with their skills I think that is fine. I know that there will always be people who will flourish more than others, but to each his own.