6 bread and butter bind walkthroughs

({John15}) #1

So I made a tutorial for some basic breakaway binds. These are my bread and butter, very reliable. You get to hear my voice in this one! Lol

  1. Basic bind
  2. Over drop bind [suicide bind]
  3. No name bind
  4. Brother mount bind
  5. Sky bind
  6. Guy Wright bind

Smiley's tuts
({John15}) #2

@RidinSpinners here you go man


Really useful and well made tutorial! Thanks for making and sharing that!


This is awesome. I genuinely appreciate it!!


Thanks, You illustrated how to do them very clearly.

(Mash Mastar) #6

You can’t go wrong with 1 & 3!

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #7

@smileypants707 Nice tutorial but I’m left disappointed and confused. Where was the smile? Smileypants = Someone that is always happy and smiley. Step it up buddy! ( or change your username) :rofl: (just messin with ya)

Nice tutorial! :+1:

({John15}) #8

Smiley is my last name, so HA! And thanks man :slightly_smiling_face:

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #9

I see how that works. So my last name must be Ski, HA! Oh wait, I can live with that. :skier:

(Jacob Waugh) #10

Just realized i’m not subbed, I fixed it.

(Andrew) #11

Looks like you’re in a bind, @smileypants707! Good stuff, man. Going to be grabbing some new ones from this list!

PS: two thumbs up for a Lambo Kuntosh!


Many learned this as the Tommy Bind years ago, and I have heard it referenced. Tommy didn’t post much, but did a lot for the community.

(ChrisFrancz) #13

Clearest bind videos I’ve seen. The Sky Bind teaching is my favorite!

(Quentin Chapman ) #14

Quick question Chad, when I get into the undermount, the strings seem to be crossed and the bind slips almost every time, so you know what I could be doing wrong to cause this without a video as reference? Also, the yo-yo tends to want to pull more towards my non throw hand when I go for the bind and it actually catches.


Does that mean your first name is pants707?


All of smiley’s excellent tutorials are found here. I’m going to close this thread to keep everything together.