5a tutorials

So recently someone asked me if i could make tutorials for some good 5a elements.  I said yes and this is what i came up with.
Their not that great but i hope they can help some of you out.


I might be making more i might not.

Let me know what you think.


They are awsome :smiley: please make some more

Yes, continue to make more! Great job! I loved the third one, finally someone teaching a fairly simple tech 5a concept. I’ve wanted to get into 5a for a while but I’m terribly uncreative so it’s nice to have sort of a starting point as far as complex stuff goes.

Yep, plz do more of those :smiley: ! Totally love the last one :slight_smile:

very nice… makes me want to get back into some 5a

hehehe i used to do that with my DNA. Iused to catch it on the z-stacks and then pull on the string:D

I really liked them! Thanks for the Wrist Mount tutorials! I always was dieing to learn them! Thanks again! I’m going to go throw some 5A right now.

I like them! Make some more! The last one was my fav.

These are exactly what I need. Like others have said, make more. :wink: Thank you. :slight_smile: BTW, your videos are amazing! ;D

5a ladder mount tutorial added!

really cool! ur tutorials are great!!!