5A Tutorial Series


Hey guys, I’m working on a 5A tutorial series from beginner tricks to advanced combos. Below is the introduction video. I will be posting videos here when I get them uploaded.

Introduction to 5A

Beginner Tricks

  1. Double Trapeze Release
    Double Trapeze Release

  2. Double or Nothing Release
    Double or Nothing Release

  3. 360

  4. Reverse 360
    Reverse 360

  5. Umbrella

  6. Shoulder Pop
    Shoulder Pop


First tricks have been posted.


I’m liking it. Your videos are really well done. I’m looking forward to the more complex tricks though because there are already good videos out there for the beginner tricks and standard moves. I actually just started working on 5A last weekend for the first time. I’ve already become pretty consistent with Double on Trapeze, Double or nothing release, 360, reverse 360, and a basic stall. I’m still working on the Windmill. I can do the trick once but I’m not yet getting it down as a repeater.

But once those basics are done it will be fun to see where you take this.


I should be posting 360, Windmill, Reverse 360, and maybe Bee Sting or another couple tricks today and tomorrow. I have not made a tutorial for Basic Stall yet, because I have seen more than one way to do it and I want to make sure I do the right one.


Sorry, these last two days have been crazy. I am uploading 360 to Youtube as I write this. Expect within the next half hour.


360, Reverse 360, Umbrella, and Shoulder Pop have all been uploaded.