5a throw broke... LF new one

Hello, recently my MYY N12’s threads got stripped and it’s only been 4 months. I’m not planning to get another N12 so I did some research and narrowed my choices down to the
C3 level 6
YYF horizon
YYO Musket
Duncan Torque
I play mainly 5a but do dabble in 1a occasionally. However this throw is mainly for 5a. If you have other suggestions, the requirements are that it is a budget metal (Not over 50USD excluding shipping to SG), is more durable than the N12 and is extremely versatile and stable. Thank you.

My go to 5a Throw is the shutter, this is because of its low price, high stability, and long spin times. Im sure any of these throws would also work for you too

I’d personally go for the torque but they’re all good choices. I just prefer the stepped shape over the others