5a Repeaters

I really want to learn some 5a repeaters, so if anyone knows any good ones or has a link to any nice 5a repeaters to learn i would greatly appreciate it. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Bee Sting is a nice 5A repeater.

Also, have you looked at the 5A “stalls” tutorials here on YYE? They are also repeaters, and look really “flashy.”

yea i know both of those but i never really thought of bee sting as a repeater, thanks.

Necroposting on a decade-old topic to get everyone’s favorite 5A repeater tut’s in one place. Gimme gimme gimme.

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Why don’t you just make your own thread instead :rofl:

This is a really nice and slow repeater.


I like necroposting. If only for the fact that it can be called necroposting. Thanks for that one!


Here are some more tricks roughly ordered by difficulty with the easiest first.
Esíčka Slusny
windmill Yotricks tutorial
infinity by Jake Elliott
neverending story Slusny

aerial pops by Jake
butterfly Yotricks tutorial
red windmill tutorial by Josh Yee and tutorial by Miguel Correa
triple slap by Jake
fencing by Jake
undermount figure 8 by Jake

infinite beesting pinched version Yoyostore Rewind
And here is the only good tutorial I found for the beesting repeater Yoyostore Rewind

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