5A: PGM or DM? Or other?



I am using my DM at the moment, but I prefer the PGM over it.

I like undersized or small bearing yoyos.

IE: Hectic, 888, Skyline, M1, Trainwreck, Trainwreck 2.0

DM is huge and PGM is a little too big. And I hate hubstacks.

I want to say PGM. Plastic is always a good feel for 5a, and hubstacks were invented focusing on 5a, so they’re certainly a plus.


(never tried dm but i like my pgm)

Silicone a Lyn Fury and it makes one heck of a 5a player, Just the right weight and size I think.

Plus, I do think it was used to the 5A freestyles last year at worlds, if I remember right.

i say the PGM because they are cheaper and smooth, But its my preference because i dont like doing 5a with metals(scared to ding it)

I had one…then it hit a tree…didnt end well

I have heard Kicksides work well. Some people prefer to buy two to get double silicone response.

small bearing is a good thing to take into account but you also want tight binds and something easier to catch

Thats something that always confused me. Why Small bearing for 5A?

Well, 5A players generally have their yoyo sleep longer and the yoyo is slowing down lot by the time they bind. Small bearings are a lot easier to bind, so most people like 'em for 5A.

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I prefer a Lyn Fury.
good, cheap plastic yo-yo for 5A.