Been working on something silly.


That was killer. :slight_smile:

So, so crazy good. Amazing. I’ve been working on 5A myself for a week or so, and I know I’ll be watching this in the future for inspiration. Great video! ;D

That was some darn good 5a.

such good. much wow

Just too good, John. It’s already killer, but if you keep at this concept, you’re going to own it.

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Such a cool concept idea. Keep at it. That was sweet!


Just amazing.

No mobile…

Something silly?? That was spectacular!
Great concepts and video.

Incredibly innovative tricks. Never seen anything like it personally. Keep it going and you’ll be storming worlds in a few years. :wink:

You are a genius!!! I went and watched it on a laptop and it was totally worth it!


Edit: whoops meant to modify the previous comment.

Wow! So many good responses. Thank you. I’ll be working on this!

you create a new way to play 5A


it’s AWESOME!!! ;D

You are seriously a genius!!!

So amazing!

those columns look awesome I love juggling I have to share this with my juggler friend

Thank you for all the positive feedback!

Kid, nice! That was fun to watch. I like when people set themselves apart… in a good way!