5a help


het guys i need some help with 5a. i cant get a strait throw. it always goes over to the side.
how can i fix this?


Just keep practicing. A 5A throw is very different than a 1A throw. Just practice on getting it straight, it shouldn’t take too long.


ajust your throw, experiment around but its takes a long time to get a good 5a throw i still get a little slanted and a vibe and im like 6 months in (not 5a 1a) but i do a little 5a on the side the casual stuff and you just need to play around w/ it and if you get fustrated set it down and come back later, no need to make yourself crazy its ment for you to have fun not tourture. like video games


ive been doing almost only 5a for 2 or 3 weeks and i still get a slanted vibey throw every so often, but with my regular throw its dead smooth, just keep practicing and it will just happen less and less until you consistently have good throws.