4a battle FastAP vs Dacklink



Dacklink get’s my vote.

fastap had more variety but a little sloppy.
dacklink was smoother

I have to go with dacklink

great job by both of you.

I agree

Great job to both of you!

I liked them both. FastAP had some really awesome tricks, but they need smoothing out.
Dacklink on the other hand did simpler tricks done faster and much smoother.

For now, I vote Dacklink, but it seems that FastAP(with a little smoothing out)just might win the next one! ;D


just needs to smoothen out his stuff

great vids both of you

I liked Dacklinks tricks better and his was so much smoother…

Some of FastAP’s tricks were alright, but they were super sloppy and Dacklink had more variety, a combination of whips and tech.

gotta say.