Dacklink vs. gm user, 1A/5A battle.


gm user:

Make sure to vote!

vote honestly

Wow gm user, your 5A has gotten very good!

Great job too, daclink!

btw gm user
I don’t think that is how you do a tangler
unless you were trying to do something else…
then nvm if you are

dacklink fo sho


There is no need to bump this post, Dacklink won the battle.

Happy Throwing! =]

I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with this :-\

Why not? You’re winning.

Happy Throwing! =]

I had to really think about this one… I couldn’t decide for a LONG time. You are both amazing, but I went with dacklink. :-\

Because he is fair. It’s not even close to over, even if we know GM won’t win, we will see how close he gets.

Aright, we’ll see…

Happy Throwing! =]

That is kinda offensive.

Its true though. 23-8. Dacklink already won…

You never know, and that really offends me.

Anyways, I thoght I would bump it up anyways.

Off-Topic: j4dude is back! :smiley:

Hey, um, last I checked Starscreem, you were not a mod, nor were you in control of this thread.

Happy-Not-Telling-Everyone-What-To-Do! =]

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Haha. OWNED! Sorry GM… :frowning:

johnny t is back

…dacklink…you were both great though… bye

Gm user was better at 5a and Dacklink was better at 1a… I think Dacklink was better overall aswell. But you both did a good job.