4A at contests.

I was wondering why threre is pretty much no tech Offstring that I can tell. At the 2008 U.S. Nationals the 4A freestyles were bassically whips, 1-string whips, bounce whips, bounce 1-string whips, Leg Orbits and Regenerations. and after awhile it got sort of boring to watch so I was wondering if this is normal at contests.

yes it is, technical offstring routines do not score well with judges for some reason, sebastian brock, jeff coons have been doing extremely technical offstring routines for a couple years now and i will joion them at worlds to do the same and hope to make technical offstring routines popular

I bet ur gonna get 15th place XD

thanks for the support samad, i will bet that i will do better than 15th and at least i have the balls to compete

First off, I was joking around, but because you are taking it so seriously, I want you to prove me wrong this year, and get better the 15th.

Also, the reason I didn’t compete, is because it takes $5 to register, and I spent all of my money on my G5. Next time get informed before trying to offend me.

you already told me that dude, i know that you didnt have money but thats not to say that your parents or someone there couldnt have given you $5
and yes i took it seriously and i am going to prove you wrong, JUST WATCH