44rpm Flat Pack Kendama

My 11 year old son got me a 44rpm Flat Pack kendama for my birthday last week. Neither of us were expecting much, but, after he finished his homework today, we put it together and played it.

The assembly was a nice project, the rings for the cups are amazingly tight. The ken seems sturdy, as does the tama. The whole thing is quite light.

It plays surprisingly Ok. No one in my family is a kendama master, but we enjoyed the flat pack. On a “normal” kendama, I can hit earth turn some of the time, I’m Ok with basic spike, catching on the cups, tossing the tama from cup to cup, and big or little cup to spike. The flat pack is more of a challenge because it is so light and the cups are different (well, the whole thing is different). However, it is a fun kendama, and, the first time I landed a spike and landed cup to spike, I was proud of myself.

Definitely a fun toy.

Yeah, they’re a lot of fun and hold up surprisingly well for how fragile they feel.