400 dollar RC helicopter for trade of yo yo.

Hey guys i dont know if anybody else like these fun toys but i got a hold lot of RC Helicopters and i want to trade one of my nicest one, now it is worth 400 and its only been flown 2 times I would like to trade for 2 nice yo yos at least and these are some of the ones i really want right now.\

YYF DNA special edition White and Blue
YYF Legacy
YYF Superstar
Caribou lounge bassalope
Hspin Gorilla
Hspin the cut
General Yo hat trick
caribou lounge campfire
madhouse lucky 7
werrd 4xl naked edition
or a single white and gold pure
anything with hubstacks will be considered and for mint DNA special edition i be willing to negotiate just that for the Heli

shouldn’t it be yyj legacy?

also what is the heli model name?