4 high end yoyos left to bid on (including Titanium) 2 hours left


Hey guys, so I have my whole collection sitting in boxes in the attic because i dont throw anymore. So ive decided to throw them all up on ebay and let you guys know about it. Its been years since ive thrown a yoyo so I have forgotten some names/models, so the ones with questions marks could really use some IDing. Anyway, here are the yoyos and links.
Picture of all of them:

3YO3 Ti5

Septopus leg #2 Pre Production

Markmont Next

Deadly Spins Wrath (1st run)

Note to mods: Reason on Ebay is because I have no idea what each is worth anymore, please message me if there’s a problem


Just a heads up,

your General Yo 5* is actually a 2nd run Torrent








anyone know what the hatrick and skywalker went for?

nm, clicked link for answer


(system) #12