Last of my high end yoyos on eBay. Rares! ~~5 HOURS REMAIN!~! CLYW, ILYY, etc

Alright guys, this is probably my last BST eBay post.  I’m down to my yoyojam trigger and a handful of whatever yoyos that i may eventually pop on eBay as a package. we’ll see.
Either way, you definitely want to check these out.
CLYW Avalanche, Werrd Irony Jp, ILYY p22, Enigma, Void, YYF severe steve brown edition etc.

Bump, lots of watchers! 6 days left.

even more watchers and now some bids. dont miss out!

More bids coming in. Step right up!

Monday bump. Get your bids in, its happening!

Didn’t realize being in a rush caused so many typos in my ads. Oh well, Tuesday morning bump

24 hours remain!

Just 5 hours left. dont be filled with so much regret that you slip into a coma-like depression, never able to recover. you’ve been warned.