4️⃣🅰️ Everyday — (former 4️⃣🅰️ Offtober 2023)

Since I opened this year the :five::a: May 2023 :thread: and enjoyed what people where posting I thought it would be fun to do the same for :four::a:. So post whatever you feel like regarding the topic.
Happy off stringing


As of now my yo-yos are not obedient enough to let off the string. :grin:


Love the thread title. Offtober. S’great. :grin:


Yooooo, let’s freaking go.

Hunter just uploaded a ton of 4A tutorials. I believe he’s said in the past that he has a local club dedicated just to offstring yoyoing too. It’s so sick to see somebody spreading and growing a non-1A style like this.

Here’s my own mediocre 4A just to post my own tricks in the thread, I’d like to play more this month and actually improve but I’m really just kinda focued on 3A/5A right now.


I wanna participate a little but I only know leg orbits atm lol. The Fiesta XX needs some love for sure, offspring yoyo with absolutely no marks no scuffs no nothing because I’ve thrown it maybe 4-5 times :sweat_smile:


This is what Hunter’s tutorials are for :slight_smile:

I was only expecting there to be a couple really basic ones, but nah there’s like 30 of them in the playlist. Definitely recommend going through those for anybody who wants to play 4A this month, but doesn’t currently play that much.

In addition to Hunter’s tutorials, here’s another big trick list for anybody looking to learn this month.


I’d participate if I had a 4A throw! I just started 5A though, so maaaybe I’ll be almost decent by the time May comes around.


Omfg the Anotogaster just arrived today. I’ve been using this Spire as my first off-stringer and, if it’s analogous to my first car -an eight year old '87 Ford Escort, the 'Gaster would be a '23 BMW M4. Literally everything is easier and more fun on this thing. Playing off-string just went from “welp, here we go…” to “aw yeah, here we go!”

Incidentally, has anyone here ever tried mounting the string to your off-stringer for 1A style string tricks and such? It’s ridiculously fun. :rofl:


I don’t feel I would ever command the control needed to perform this sort of play but it’s really awesome to see you all take it on with excitement and share the videos that you do with the rest of us. I think this style of play is incredibly pleasing to watch. I can only imagine the level of satisfaction that comes from landing these sorts of tricks. Jolly good show.


Fun fact—4a was originally done on the same yo-yos ppl were using for 1a and you prolly have something you can try it out with if you want. Here is a topic where I figured out some super simple beginner stuff with the yyf whip.

Idk if I would recommend this bc it is hard lol but it helped my curiosity and after that it felt easier to catch a made for 4a Yoyo. Just an option if you’re super super curious!

Tbh I lost a lot of the comfort I had with 4a tho and think I’d rather focus on 3a and 1a rn . I’ll try to drop atleast some terrible tricks in for the thread tho at some point lol.


Dude it’s satisfying just throwing it without it coming back and nailing you in the face. Even more satisfying just getting a good bind. :rofl:


Wow, I could never do that. Off string is were I don’t cross the line. Congrats to the talent!


Joining up for this


Somebody on Twitter shared a combo of just basic/beginner elements.

Volcano → trampoline → under whip → over whip → back burner → recapture → reverse recapture → behind the back catch

Go learn these elements and give this combo a shot if you’re looking for a place to start, and you can take this further with things like an open string bind at the end. I’m really bad at this and need to go back and just practice the basics at some point oops.

Filming 4A feels kinda whatever for me, because I know my string visibility is gonna suck since I’m too lazy/cheap to buy and set up a black cloth backdrop. If I wanted to put more time into the style it’d be worth it, but really 4A is just a sort of fun casual thing to pick up every once in a while for me.


Little overhand whipity whip


That’s true. Sadly, I don’t have any responsive yoyos wider than a Fireball lol. Maybe next year!

I’ve been interested in 4A for a LOOOOONG time, but I thought I couldn’t do it since I didn’t have a proper yo-yo up until now! Might actually try this when I have the chance!

Yoyo factory whip is what I used and it was okay. Lol very hard but also less hard than I originally expected worth I shot if you got something durable on hand! Good luck!

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After quite a few attempts, I have finally started learning how to catch the yo-yo on the string, and even do some barrel rolls! It’s still only occasionally, but better than nothing!


Wanted to give this combo a go again today with a little more practice. Much better, but having open string binds slip feels bad :smiling_face_with_tear: