3yo3 Omnicron

Today my omnicron arrived and I was thrilled. A great new shape that ive never seen before. It has such a smooth throw and extremely stable. Its also small enough to take anywhere and very lightweight. I love the color sides and very quiet. Overall, great throw.

Six sentences…

could be worse, he spoke his mind but in a not to descriptive way

I actually really like this review. It’s short and sweet. Good job

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:’(ive just been ban
from the chatroom

No doubt you earned it.

I’m with DrAwesome. Better than a wall of text.

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I like walls of text.

Good. We all like different things.

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I think it is alright, but give a little info on the yoyo first. Being a 3yo3 I assumed that it was delrin.

It isn’t?

Aluminum I believe

That would have been helpful in the review…

In which case this is not a review on the Omnicron, but the Omnicron X. I got excited for nothing. :frowning: