What do u guys think about the omnicron x?




RIP to Sniffy, but this is the best review you’ll probably get.



I don’t mean to be rude. But the Omnicron is the only yo-yo that I believed was trash. I hated that thing. Nothing about it was right for me. Bye.


He is talking about Omnicron “X” the metal version of Omnicon. I have both, and like the metal version way more. It’s a cool throw. Not the best, but not the worst by far. I have one that’s incredibly smooth, so not sure if I lucked out with mine. Also, not sure if Gruntbull did this ano job, but it is one of the prettiest yo-yos I own. By the way, they are still in stock in this color:

omnicronx by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

omnicronxb by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


I own two and I love them. They’re really fun to me and can handle almost anything.
small enough for techy stuff, awesome igr, spikes for matador and nice finish for grinds. Landon makes great throws. I’m not gonna say you won’t be disappointed, but if the specs and the features of this yoyo appeal to you, I’d say grab one. I play with mine a lot.


Yes, we’re all talking about the same yo-yo. Apparently mine was ano’d by Jason Wong. It’s the only good thing I found in this yo-yo, how it looked.


Oh, you just said Omnicron, so it wasn’t clear. Also, I didn’t enjoy the Omnicron nearly as much, so I figured maybe you meant that one. I think the X version is cool though. You got a photo of the one you had?


No, I traded it for a MF Evil-Yo. Best trade in my life.

It was white with rainbow splash. It looked really cool. That’s it though. I’d rather use it as a Christmas ornament than play it.