3yo3 ceephax prototype bad wobble please help

Hi I have a 3yo3 ceephax prototype with a extremely bad wobble and I have no idea how to fix it I have tried replacing the axle and that didn’t work, I put some big o rings in the sides and that took the wobble down but it didn’t go down a lot. I don’t know what else it could be the yoyo looks like its in pretty good condition. What else do you think it could be and how do you think I could fix it? ???

the only thing I can think of is the shape… as it is a prototype there might be imperfections compared to a final production. or it could be the way you throw it your self… if you don’t have a problem on other yoyos then this is unlikely. (I mention this because periodically if I have a “bad” throw then I will get quite a bit of vibration.

Hope this helps…