3yo3 Bassline silicone response doesn't bind good anymore


Hi all,

So yeah…after playing about a year with my bassline the silicone response is wearing out and won’t give me any good binds anymore. They’re really slippy (and I KNOW how to bind properly).

Since I don’t know how to silicone and don’t want to do it either, I was thinking of replacing it with silicone pads.

But I can’t find what silicone pads the bassline will take (googled for 'bout 2 hours).

Will they take General Yo Hat Pads thick/thin?

I hope someone has the answer to this.

Thanks in advance :smiley:


Really, silicone is not hard at all. If you have a auto parts store anywhere near you you can find about every kind there. clear flowable is the easiest to apply. Just put a little in the groove and let it flow. Add as much as you need. Then wait twelve hours and PRESTO!!! a yoyo with clear silicone response that lasts for months.


Flowable generally recommends waiting 24 hours of all the types I’ve seen. Mayne of the other RTV’s have shorter cure times(anywhere from 3-6 hours in some cases)


As I clearly stated. I don’t want to mess up the response in my yoyo.

My question was: do general yo hat pads thick/thin fit?

Thanks for the answers though :smiley:


Contact Landon (yoking) about it. I think I heard that they could, but I’m not sure. It would make sense though because Landon has done a collab with Ernie.


Thick (red) hat pads will work, so will OneDrop silicone stickers. Or re-silione it- Stock it uses Permatex clear RTV silicone, originally made for gluing in automobile windshields. Good luck!


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Getting there! Finally graduated school so now the Ti can see center stage :slight_smile:

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I’m guessing were gonna be seeing some more designs soon then?


For sure! Stay tuned- check my manufacturer’s thread.

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Also the baseline takes snow tires