3yo3 Al5 Review!


This is my first review so please be gentle. :wink:
I am using the HSYY format.



The Ti5 was wonderful...  For other people...  Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to try one.  When I saw the Al5,  I had to get one.  Only $85 and it comes with a cool glass jar?  Why not?

Specs: (Taken off the YoYoExpert website)

Diameter: 54 mm / 2.12 inches
Width: 43 mm / 1.69 inches
Gap Width: 4 mm / .15 inches
Weight: 65 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: Flowable Silicone


When I opened the weird candle style glass jar and picked up the Al5, I was greeted to a well-put-together yo-yo with some nice basic looks. [i](since I ordered the polish/tumbled version)[/i] The laser engraving adds a nice touch and the tumble finish was really smooth and silky.  Like bead blast silky...


I could only think of one thing while holding the Al5...  LIGHT.  This thing feels like a feather in your hand.  I usually enjoy heavier throws and this thing felt light to the point that I would not enjoy it.  I enjoy the longer spin that heavier throws offer.  The weight is distributed towards the rim due to the cut under the rims.  This helps stability and spin times, but we will get to that later...

Response and Bearing:

The Al5 comes with a standard 8 ball bearing and flowable silicone response.  The bearing spins nice and smooth, but it gets loud after awhile so keep your thin lube handy.  After about 30 mins. of play, the flowable silicone response breaks in and provides nice tight binds and not one snag.


Wow I am amazed.  This yoyo is crazy fast.  I could complete my combos wicked fast while enjoying the crazy stability and ridiculous spin times that the cut under the rim provides.  I would say that this yo-yo plays at a medium/fast pace.    You can go at a slow speed, but if you push it you will be in for a treat. This throw is pretty comfortable in the hand, but those sharp angled rims really hurt if you catch them to the knuckles. The bearing became loud after about 2 hours of play, so I popped in a KK and I was rewarded with smooth fast play, amazing stability, and ungodly spin times.  I could not play horizontal, but now I can.;D  I landed a horizontal combo on this thing even though I have never even landed a banana turnover.  I think that is pretty impressive if you ask me.  There is a little float to this yo-yo, but it is primarily a zippy zip machine.  [b]NOW, THERE IS A LITTLE VIBE TO THIS YO-YO[/b].  Do not let this deter from you purchasing this beast though.  It is a weird type of vibe...  I could not feel it on grinds or on the string, but I could only feel it on the fingernail test.  My AC has very little vibe, but I can feel it on the string, grinds, and the fingernail test.  Weird...  All grinds are a snap on this thing.  It grinds as well as any CLYW.  Thumb grinds were easy due to the deep hub in the yoyo.  Arm grinds, palm grinds, and finger grinds were a piece of cake due to the finish.  This is now my favorite yo-yo of all time.  I even like this more than my Chief and AC.  Seriously, it's that good...

Final Thoughts:

The Al5 is amazing.  It does anything my CLYW's do but maybe even better.  This thing is only $85.  [b]Seriously, go buy one now![/b]  Why 3yo3 is not as hyped as other brands is a question beyond my intelligence.


I completely agree with OversizedShady.

I have both the Al5 and the Ti5, and think they are both fantastic YoYo’s. The Ti5, for the price it sells for, you would expect it to be a great performing YoYo, but the Ai5 which sells for one fourth the price and is basically the same shape cut from aluminum is a fantastic YoYo!!.

As Oversized stated, for $85.00 it’s a very under appreciated YoYo in my opinion. If you ever have the opportunity to throw one, you will certainly come to appreciate it.
I could not recommend it more, especially for those lookin for a premium throw for under $100.00.

Nice review Oversizedshady.

(WildCat23) #3

I too agree.


Agreed, this is one sweet yo-yo at a sweet price.

My Al5 (Jupiter Splash, great colorway!) has zero vibe when doing anything. Dead smooth. Anything I do feel comes from the bearing alone, which does get a little noisy at times. I have taken it apart only once, about a month after buying it. I’m planning on replacing the bearing sometime.

Personally, I think that the weight is more centered than rim-weighted. The weight is brought in toward the axis of the axle yet pushed outward. Very unique weight placement. The resulting ridge makes for awesome thumb grinds. Comes off the throw a little faster than rim-weighted yo-yos.

This review makes me wish I had my Al5 with me right now…

Edit: I cleaned the bearing and it’s fine now. Previously it was gritty and responsive at times. Never mind about replacing it.


This thing spits out horizontals in its sleep. I just landed a horizontal skin the gerbil today. Soo much fun… :smiley: