3x3 Battle at Czech Yoyo Nationals and Spanish Yoyo Nationals 2010

YES! Get ready again to battle in your team in Europe! After a roary and extremly successful start, the 3x3 TEAM BATTLE is back!


Launched in Prague in January this year, it left half of the European yoyo scene without a voice… because YOU are the judge. You, the audience. Two teams of 3 players perform on stage in turn, and the audience’s from-the-top-of-their-voices screaming is what chooses the winner. Loosers leave the stage until there is one winning team left!

The 3x3 Battle will be held during two events:
– Spanish Yoyo Nationals 2010
– Czech Yoyo Nationals 2010

Sign up!
Register your team of 3 players for one or both of these events right here on this page. What you need is a team name, 3 players and a killer slogan:

See you in Spain and Czech Republic!


Don’t remember the rules? Here they are:

  1. Each team has 3 players; no more, no less.

  2. Each player gets one throw (No regenerations) to impress the audience with whatever tricks he or she can do. In the event of a knot before the yoyo is fully unwound the judge will determine if a player can re-throw.

  3. After a yoyo is brought back to the hand, loses spin or leaves the stage, the next player, from the competing team, throws. If the next player does not throw within 5 seconds of the last one finishing, the judge can call “Delay of game” and he will lose his turn. Turns alternate until all 6 players have each thrown once.

  4. Play is open to any yoyo but is restricted to sleeper-style play (that’s 1,3,4 and 5A). Sorry no 2A, turns are counted by the throw so, sadly, 2A does not fit the bill.

  5. Music is chosen by the DJ and does not stop or change between players.

  6. The winning team is decided by audience noise and feedback as determined by the judge. If there is a draw (noise level cannot be distinguished), then the judge can determine a knock-out task, e.g. throw a trapeze with eyes closed).

  7. Winning teams stay in competition to be matched up against other teams until all but one team has been eliminated (bracket-style) and the overall winners crowned!