3a tutorials?

Alright, so I’ve recently started 3a, and have been using yotricks to learn some of the basic stuff. Even though people say frontstyle is easier to start with I’ve gotten nowhere with them and have done much better with the sidestyle stuff. So I’ve pretty much learned all of the sidestyle 3a tricks on yotricks and was wondering what other websites have some basic 3a tutorials. I know there aren’t a lot of 3a tutorials but I’m just looking for a few more to teach me the fundamentals and basic mounts before I branch off with my own stuff. I’d like to get some tutorials on the other “kink houses”(I think that’s what their called) and other basics.


I actually asked this same question last week and after 50+ views, nobody was able to give me an answer. I scoured the internet for quite a long time trying to find an answer and I came up with very little. The best that I can really offer are the SLUSNY yoyoshop tutorials.

The SLUSNY site offer a limited selection of 3A tutorials but the downside is that they do not have dialog or even text. Something that I will suggest as an alternative, since slow-mo tutorials are not always helpful is to utilize the SLUSNY site along with a website called “SoundSlice.” Soundslice is not a traditional tutorial site but something that they will allow you to do is slow down ANY YouTube video without having to download anything. You can also choose a specific timeframe that you would like to set on a loop. Soundslice is intended to be used for slowing down music (for learning purposes) but it works surprisingly well for learning yoyo.

http://www.soundslice.com search bar is on the top left, just use it like YouTube

SLUSNY have quite a few 3A instruction but other than their site and the little bit that YoTricks provide, there is almost nothing. Your best bet is to learn some from their page and hope that with time more 3A tutorials will come along. Sorry I couldn’t help out more bud.

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I also just started 3a this what I found:

What I am working on:

playlist from a different channel:

Edit I hit the suicide thing. Wooo, so satisfying.

Thanks guys! I’ll definitely look into these ;D