Could somebody post me some 3a tutorials?

(Jesse) #1

Hey guys, nobody responded to my last thread about 3a, so here it is.

I’m learning 3a with 2 M1s, could somebody post some tutorials on just the basics? Like how to align both yoyos, and some basic tricks, etc.

If you can’t post a video tut, could you just give me some good tips on how to do the basics?


(Jesse) #2

OK, I keep not being good at 3a because apparently nobody is willing to help me.

C’mon, anybody?


On the left side of the page there is 3A Breakdowns.

(Jesse) #4

I’ve tried that website, but it doesn’t help me at all because it just has a video of somebody doing the tricks, with a view from like, 5 feet away, so I can’t REALLY see what’s happening. Then they vaguely explain it on the side. A slow motion or even just a close up would be helpful.


I will make a couple videos real quick.
There is some 3A in the link

(Jesse) #6

Do you know which ones in that link are 3a tutorials?

And let me know when you get your videos up.


You can go to there channel if I missed any.


this and this,239.0.html should help.