does anyone kno of any 3A tutorials?


does anyone have any 3A tutorials? I am just starting 3A and I really need some tutorials. not downloadable ones I mean actual tutorials.


Well… has some…


Assisted Brain Twister:
Blue Line Roll:
Double Boomerang:
Buckets O-Kink:
Gun Slinger:
Kink Fu:
Two Hand Dizzy Baby:
Two hand Plastic Whip:
Two hand Trapeze:
Velvet Rolls:

The best ones i could find on the internet ;D


those are download I believe.


¿??¿ What on earth are you trying to say?
did you even go to the website?

They stream it like youtube. You can download them as well. I don’t think you went there lol.


oh, I went there I have known of Bgin2spin for a while. and the streaming videos don’t play for me. ( i have tried it too so don’t say I didn’t.)


Sorry :frowning: I don’t think there are any good 3a tutorials out there lol :frowning: