3a pair.......hubstack?

Looking for a good cheap 3a pair (100$ for pair)
Comment whatcha recommend

What are you guys opinions on a hubstack 3a pair (g5,grind machine)
What would you recommend

Oldschool superstars would make a good pair

You won’t get any opinions on the hubstack yet- It hasnt come out yet.

lol I was thinking he wanted a 3A pair that took hubstacks

Get a pair of code 1’s instead

I want a 3a pair that takes hubdtacks

The new hubstack is too light so I’ll stick to my original suggestion then

2 rallys would be good even though they are not hubstacked or you could try to find two genesis pluses on the bst


Hubstacked genesis are on the BST, find them. Perfect choice.

Oh haha sorry.