37 degrees

Some of those angles are harsh on the eyes with the blinding white snow as a background. I suggest moving the camera closer for string and trick visibility and maybe using a different angle. The tricks were dope though…you White’s got skill.

True. But it was one of the best backgrounds we could find.

LOL Stuart you’re really good, so is Phillip.

Next time I see you at a contest we need to exchange tricks :slight_smile:

Loving the style!

By the way, Philip used the Zeekio core and i used the… classic! What else?

Gonna try hard to do this only once… bump.

Great style but the background was a poor choice.

Yep, we’ll work on that in later videos.

Question: Is it you can’t see the string or it’s unpleasant.

The background was unpleasant but your skills were well demonstrated.

Okay, so you could see the string fine.

I dig your guys styles a lot. :slight_smile:


I dig yours ;D

Cool video

Well, I must say, the background was not as good as I have seen. However, you guys have a great style. Your tricks were really cool and keep keeping me interested.

Stuart, were you using a Theory? What was Philip using? I always like to know details. :smiley:

I was using a classic. (Although it does look remarkably like a theory when you compare the two.)
Philip was using the Zeekio core.

Thank you.