June 2014 Stuart White


I realized I hadn’t made a video in a while, and I decided to make one to keep you guys updated on my tricks.  Well, anyway most of these tricks you can’t find in my other videos, so enjoy:

(Erik Kerber ) #2

Those are some really cool tricks. Good Job

But you really need to find a different backround for you next video’s. Just to add a bit more varietey to them.



Unfortunately it takes a lot of work to find a background that shows the string well and has good lighting. Although I agree with this statement (^^^), the blue background is great for “casual” videos.

(Erik Kerber ) #4

Yea it is a bit harder to find a good backround.


At the beginning of that first trick, I though it was going to be a noob video. And then I saw that sick slack. I should have known better. Great tricks. BTW is that a YYJ Ringmaster?