365 Days Later --------- ...my one year video

This video showcases most of the tricks I made since May 2010, which was when I started using a modern Yoyo. I still do a lot of these tricks. A few were filmed after my one year date, but 95% were made-up during my first year. You can actually tell which tricks were closer to the end of my one-year date. :wink:

Enjoy, and please criticize me as much as you want.

Song: “Won’t Conform” by Monster Squad

Yoyos used:
One Drop 54
MadHouse Epic

Love the mowhawk at the end! Great video!!

Thanks! I’ve had a mohawk for 9 years now. I guess you can only see my hair in the last couple tricks :smiley:

9 YEARS??!! I dont think i could go that long with a mohawk. But i like to keep my hair changing.

Love it!!

Hahaha, Yah. It’s a punk thing. My mohawk is as much a part of me as my own name. :slight_smile:


Nice video. Really smooth tricks.

that was the tallest mo-hawk i have ever seen :o


So aweome it makes me misspell aweome.


good video! i was so into punk in the 80s and early 90s but cant grow a mohawk anymore(bald on top)

Do a bihawk! (one on each side)    :wink: