"Four Years" - New Video!

I guess its kind of an unofficial tradition for me to do a “year” video every year, so I decided to do this one tonight.
I slowed way down and showed some of the most important tricks to me as of now and from a little while back in 08’

I also rendered it in the highest quality and quickest framerate so the high quality should look much better than last years’ video.

The yoyo used was the Yoyofactory DV888
The music was by The Secret Handshake - Gamegirl


If you have any comments or thoughts, do not hesitate to let me know.

Awsome! I love it.

Good stuff. At first it took me a second to realize that one of the parts was going backwards. ;D

Really good though!

Cool! :slight_smile: Good Job.

nice job
I like it

Loved it. Sick editing, and amazing tricks

I think I just pooped myself.

Silky smooth man, rock on!!!

Nice and intricate!

Good Stuff


Smoooooth I dig the flow of the tricks, you make them look easy.

I love the tricks! Tutorials?

man this video is awsoem u sinpier me to get into harder tricks