360 images


Playing around with something I want to add to the Museum exhibits, what do you guys think of this 360 view (click and drag to rotate)?  Would you like to see the Museum use for all new exhibits?  Is it worth it, or only on special items like this Alien Galaxy Shutter?



I think a lot of people would appreciate it but the current setup isn’t bad either


Yeah I’m thinking if I add them, it will be in addition to the current images just as an additional bonus feature. It’s quite time consuming to do and I don’t have the technique down quite yet (you can see the lighting goes off a little in a few of the shots).

(2Sick Joey) #4

That’s pretty dope!


I like it! Not only useful for special editions, but it allows people to get a much better ‘feel’ of a yoyo compared to a gap and hub shot.


I love it!


I think those are nice, but the current setup works fine for me. Seems like a lot of work to redo the whole thing. Maybe worth the effort for special editions.


Yeah I wasn’t thinking of going back and reshooting the older stuff, most of which is either in Dave’s garage or sold. For new stuff going forward if I think people would like the full view I’ll do it, just need to integrate it into the museum looks and feel.


I got a basic integration done, it’s working fine but I’m not sold on the code I’m using because it’s a little jerky on ipad (but works fine on my phone). You can check it out on the Benchmark O here http://www.yoyomuseum.com/?1437 just click the “360 View” link


That looks really good. :slight_smile:


Same on an ipod touch. Looks good on a PC.


That is awesome would like to see more of this in the future that would be a neat setup.


ok just dropped in some new code, much better on iPad and has a little velocity to it so you can spin and it’ll keep going a little bit. I still might tweak it some, but this is pretty good. The Benchmark O and the Valor both have 360s for now, more coming later. Thanks for the feedback guys I appreciate it.

Valor - http://www.yoyomuseum.com/?1431
Benchmark O - http://www.yoyomuseum.com/?1437


All 3 Benchmarks now have 360s, also redid the Shutter. Overall I’m happy with how this turned out, need to refine my photographic technique a bit to keep the yo-yo perfectly centered, it’s more difficult than it sounds!


I really like this!!
Great job.
I need to add some collection photos to the museum



Really dig it. Really makes the shape easier to see and makes it feel like it is right in front of me


Just to finish this off, I gave this view a new name and graphic so when you’re on the Museum just look for this logo and you’ll know instantly that it has a 360 view. With that, I’m done tweaking and will work on adding new 360’s on every new yo-yo, along with some older ones as I dig through my collection. Enjoy!