3 questions

  1. I just got a burnside and I love it. It’s a little loud and I’m wondering if It will break in or should I try a bit of lube

  2. What CLYW yoyo would be comparable in size to the burnside? I like bigger yoyos

  3. Where the hell can I buy a CLYW yoyo? lol everywhere is sold out.


  1. Yes, lube it just a bit.

  2. Sasquatch, Avalanche, Chief are your best bet for similar size throws.

  3. B/S/T until CLYW turns out another run.

1: Yes. You can do both. It will break in soon, just keep playing. Then put a drop of VM4 in there once it starts screaming.

2: Sasquatch, Avalanche, Chief come to mind.

3: Ride a Gnarwal across the border lakes, then hire Sasquatch to take you over the mountain Peaks, where there’s lots of reported Bear Vs. Man encournters, to the CLYW headquarters while you ride a wooly Marmot. Dress like a Chief, make a pretty Canvas in front of your campfire while you fish for rare Bassalopes. If you don’t get killed in an Avalanche during your journey, you MIGHT be able to get one. Just make sure you bring some fresh Snow Tires and you’ll be fine.

Of course, none of this will have any Bearing on your ability to get a CLYW. I was just Stringing you along!


I can’t speak to the CLYW (at least not yet, getting my first Chief this week)…

The CLYW stuff is a tricky, elusive, thing… unless a monster order comes in, you have to be quick on the draw. I’ve heard one of the popular places in Japan has some, but it takes time for shipping - and word has it that YYE will be getting some more in early March - which would still beat getting it from Japan.

As to the Burnside (which I adore) - it has a 10ball in it, and I’ve noticed they get loud when something is in it (has to do with the extra shielding inside), otherwise they hum. Try cleaning the bearing. I’d recommend getting some electrical cleaner


If you do a search for electrical contact cleaner on the forum you’ll find a post for it, lot of people using it. Makes the 10ball hum again, and you don’t need to lube it after, runs great without it.

I’m actually waiting for a Sasquatch now. So stoked to try this yoyo

this was the greatest post i have ever read.

I see what you did there…