3 High Ends(YYR, OD, YYF), 2 budget metals, and 3 others ALL FOR $120 SHIPPED!!!


Alright, so school starts back up next week and I REALLY want to get rid of all of this by Saturday.

SOOO naturally I’m doing a CRAZY package deal. 3 High ends, 2 budget metals, and 3 cheaper throws, AND I’ll throw in A TON of extras!

Alright, so here’s the lot from top to bottom left to right.



YYR Sleipnir - Now I know what you’re thinking, why is there no horse or engravings? The previous owner had the cups mirror polished so the engravings aren’t there anymore. The catch zone is also satined, which has tarnished a bit over time. It also got retapped by the previous owner BUT I GUARANTEE you that it’s a real YYR Sleipnir. Has some vibe and some light damage.

YYF 7075 Catalyst - Mint. Powdercoated. This specific powdercoat was designed to be better at grinding then a traditional powdercoat. Has some vibe.

OD Dietz - I believe this is first run because I don’t think they did YYE edition on the dietz besides first run. It has a fair deal of damage from a lot of play. Also has some vibe that can be tuned out. Comes with Code 1 SE’s. Have box.

Duncan Strix - In fair condition, has some marks but they’re all minor. It’s far from beat but its not near mint either. Smooth.

KingYoStar SpiderMan. Limited release by KYS, I believe they sold for $40ish. Mint. Smooth.

Shinwoo Griffin Wing - Excellent offstring, no caps, has 4a damage.

Yomega Xodus II - Near mint.

Yomega HyperWarp HeavyWing - In fair condition, slightly worse then the Strix.

I’ll also throw in A TON of extras including a bunch of strings, YYE trading cards, stickers, lube, etc.

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