2YO Meeting Video: November 2013 starring Max Tripolsky Jamie Kennedy Keiran Coo

Here’s a small video of our meeting here in the bay area. It was a blast and we hope you guys come if you’re ever in the area!

Max Tripolsky
Jamie Kennedy
Keiran Cooper
Jordan Shen (me)
Josh Yee
Jared Cahalan

Bump! C’mon guys, feedback!

Great skill at the club! Keep it up fellows!

I would suggest using something else than hardstyle as music. Hardstyle is one of those genres you either love or find hideous. I find it hideous.

Seems like a lot of fun. I wish I could have meets like that sigh lol. Anyways, great tricks and awesome Asian playing style xD!

I love it, and Josh Yee edited video. We all know Josh does what he wants :wink:

double postz