Yeah, so it was an awesome meeting and bbq, and at the end, I let Alda (The one who put teeth marks in my MK3) try to show us all that she could do the same on camera.
And she does at the end of the video…

. >


the vid doesnt work

That was a cool video. The end was hilarious!

Yeah. She must have metal teeth or something.

that’s not human

Jayyo, TRULY AMAZING, that was hilarious, I heard someone bit into your MK3 but I didnt believe you, awsome, and what does MK3 stand for anyways?

I have little to no knowledge on this, but I’ll give a try.

The Radian was SPYY’s first metal. Then a second version was produced, called the Radian MKII (MK2). And if I’m not wrong, there’s a weapon called STEN MKII (most produced submachinegun in the STEN series). My guess is that SPYY put MKII on the second version of the Radian. The third version was then naturally named MKIII (which is probably a gun in the STEN series as well).

NOTE: This post is based on guesses. DO NOT think of this as fact, but as a slightly possible guess.

Cool video you made Josh!

My friend Jack also film another 2yo video:


Happy Throwing! =]

both videos are amazing the first one was more fun t owatch but the second one had awesome tricks

Haha! I like how both videos show the plastic spinning bearing of death.

That thing is meant to be a little kids playground thing, but you can really get hurt on it!


If she can do that to a metal, what can she do to a plastic? xD

Cool video!

Did you ever find out exactly WHY she bit your MK3?

She was obviously hungry, I think Creams taste better though :stuck_out_tongue:

Great Vid

Nah, She just does stuff like that.

i thought she was gonna bite through it

thats insane, and who’s yoyo was that?

I’m pretty sure it was Josh’s MK3

It is!

Happy Throwing! =]

Nice Mini Van ;D ;D ;D ;D