2A:: YYJ Unleashed Weight Difference

This subject is closed, because nobody would answer the question I had. Instead people decide to nit-pick all the things that are not pertinent.

I hear 4A came from diabolo, not 2A. I can see how 3A came from 1A and 2A merging.

I’m only going to answer the lube part. Lube is a preference thing, but it seems that in general, lube is necessary for 2A. Thick lube seems to be the choice as it can make the yoyo more responsive, which you want. I’ve heard of people going 2 drops thick and 1 drop thin per bearing. It’s like 1 drop of thick isn’t enough, while 2 is too much, so the 1 drop of thin helps find that happy balance. You’re just going to have to see what will work for you. It might be best to start with a completely clean bearing though to start off with so you can for sure control what you’re putting in there.

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Thanks!, What I meant about 4A is that alot of the tricks 4A uses is from 2A, Hop the Fence,loop regen, shoot the moon etc… So practicing 2A will help clean up my 4A.

I don’t completely agree, but I do agree that any sort of practice in any sort of style can bring an element of better success to other styles. However, it’s all good. I’m trying to get looping down myself, but it’s slow going for me. It’s good to keep practicing.