2a strings

I wonder about how long should 2a strings be?


as long as you want some like them shorter because its easier to control but others longer because more room to do loops

I take about 4 inches off my belly button.

You work out a lot I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

isnt there a specific size?

Not really…

I reccomend you just expirement on lenths, but I recomend them to be shorter than your belly button.

I like them 2 inches shorter than normal…

Normally, it is the length of your arm.

pocket to floor, thx andre

I don’t feel comfortable telling you how I measure them…

This isn’t the place for that Gerard. This board is different. Better. Not smutty.

Should I have just said it then?

WOA!!! i dodn’t know Geranrd was on this Forum?!?!?!?!

Like yo-yo’s, string length is all preference. It’s best to shorten your strings for 2A and 3A, so that you can control the yo-yo’s easier. If you don’t know how short to cut your strings for looping, I’d recommend you start at about 28 inches. Then, you can find what you like best from there.

I cut from the bottom of my pocket.