2020 String Fling!

I totally agree! Honestly at this point, I enjoy making strings more than actually yoyoing :joy:

I’m just a maker at heart though, I just love the satisfaction of using something I made myself, or when people tell me they like what I made. Like not just string, when I see anything I’m usually like “hmm I bet I could make that” which is how I got into making strings in the first place.


Making strings is your artistic expression and you do a great job at it!


I keep on eye on this thread, but I wonder why… I have so many strings at this moment that considering the average time to “burn” it, I would need to play for 8+ years. Still, I want more strings! :upside_down_face: Imagining that you could have 20 types of strings made by players and artists is so cool.

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