Finally got them perfected!


After about 2 months of experimenting, I finally have a string making process that produces a quality string. I tweaked thread brands, twisting tension, number of twists… all the variables I could think of! The result is a soft, firm, bouncy string that whips and slacks well! :smiley:

I had trouble with the strings holding tension well, but being too rough. Then soft, but too hard to whip and would snag on binds. It was a frustrating process. At first I wasn’t trying different threads much because I thought they would pretty much be the same… I could not have been more wrong! Once I found the right thread, the results of changes in the process were more meaningful and everything worked itself out.

So, I just got my shipment of 500+ strings in the mail in the pic below! ;D Soon I’ll be doing some color matching with my throws and see how that goes. I think a string that matches your colorway would be pretty slick!


So are they for sale or are you giving away samples?


Not currently. I may decide to sell some at some point, but I really can’t see a reason to. There are a lot of string makers already and I don’t think there’s any money in it considering the time it takes to make them in quantity. I would be more likely to trade for some, but they’re mostly just my way of saving money on my own strings.

I thought about doing custom color combinations, but I’d have to buy a ton of different colors. I just don’t see it being worth the hassle.


Would you be willing to give out some sample packs? I’d really like to test out this string you perfected. :slight_smile:


Ya your strings seem really good free samples would be amazing


Free samples! ;D