2019 World YoYo Contest Mystery Box Spoiler

Mystery box? More like Mystery Blast, I am very pleased by the performance of both of these yoyos. And I’m eager to try the new string as well, I have’t ventured to Knot Bad’s before.


Very nice set of yoyos. Wish I got in time to get the mystery box before it ran out.

So how does the Pragma play? How smooth and stable is it in your honest opinion (for those who got it)?

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Very stable…very smooth.
And it plays heavy to me. Unlike anything else I have. It’s SUPER powerful…and, not sure how else to describe it…heavy.
I can’t play super fast so I can’t say for sure…but I don’t feel like this yo can handle speed play well. It’s much more about smooth slow and in control.

It’s not my favorite yo…it plays a tad bit too heavy for me…but I do still love it and am really glad to have it in my collection. Like I said, it plays unlike anything else I have.

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Anyone got specs? @YoYoExpertGarrett ?

My guess is 56/43/65.


Haven’t seen any BST Pragmas or Arrows yet.


yeah ANDY


Well maybe I don’t need another 3a pair anyway :joy: