2013 Yomega Crossfire Review

sold here on YYE, go get one. seriously.

Good review!
Quick question: with a clean c size bearing, is it totally unresponsive? How is the vibe?

After Glide and this Crossfire 2013 version.
I am grad Yomega seems to be back on the right direction to become a more competitive company.

Great review.

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the vibe can be tuned out, and it’s not horrible if your throw is stable and you don’t want to take the time to tune it out.

clean bearing:
totally. it’s a super legit unresponcive yoyo with a clean bearing.

go grab one and help us out! they sell them on the yye shop!

Well, i am saving money for the future updated Glide.
Also, my yoyo case has one empty space only and i really want the new Glide to fill in that hole.
(or throw away my Maverick to get the extra space which definitely not going to happen)

By the way, when will be the possible release date of the updated Glide?

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the glide V2 is already out at contests, they will be having it web available soon. i’m sorry i don’t have a legitamite date for you, as we are trying to build up for the web release. sorry, i’d give it 2 months for the v2 to be on "online shelves:.

(i have a hole in mine too. gotta love that blue/silver splash, and red/yellow speckled!


the V2 glide is already on YYE shelves. they have the blue/silversplash, and the Grey/Yellow splash in stock! yomega sends to the stores before they update themselves.

if you didn’t know, the Plaid finish glide is also a YYE elxclusive. if you don’ get it here, you won’t get it anywhere else.